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Asthma Inhaler


Pulmonology is the field of medicine that focuses specifically on the respiratory system. 

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Conditions Treated:

Pulmonologists treat conditions of the respiratory system, especially of the lungs. Many of these illnesses may require long-term, even lifelong, treatment plans.

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What do we do?

Our Doctor can diagnose and treat diseases of the respiratory system.


He is specialized in all areas ranging from minor to major illnesses.


He also treats lung illnesses of children and elderly people too.

These conditions can be caused by things like inflammation, tissue overgrowth and infections.

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Why would you need to see our pulmonologist?

If you have symptoms that do not get treated by regular healthcare provider.

Some of these signs and symptoms might include:

Meet Our specialist

Dr. Alok Kapoor

Our Specialist is one of the Best and Most Experienced Doctors in India who ensure that you are cured from all types of respiratory illnesses.

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